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Hi everyone,

I am Matt Franklin. I run the AV team for the GGDA and SIEGE.If you have been to SIEGE, you have probably seen us sprinting from room to room, frantically fixing those inevitable last-minute technical problems that happen at every event, making sure we are actually recording sessions and not just using the cameras as art installations, and generally making anything related to AV happen.

We rolled out a lot of process-related changes last year. We thought it was our best yet AND we got a lot of good feedback so we are putting a lot of effort into keeping that momentum going for this year.

One of my current goals is to shift our focus from a single major activity each October to an ongoing project documenting and sharing content year round. Since last SIEGE, we have recorded and published our monthly chapter meetings and added a lot of content from SIEGE to our YouTube channel . We also recently added a small group that is responsible for live streaming services.

Our first streaming experiments were in January and February. By March, the team was able to put out a more polished broadcast with better equipment. We are still working out the kinks, but it has been a really fun challenge to work through for us.

As always, please feel free to share your AV-related ideas and suggestions with us - or if you are interested in volunteering, just let me know. [email protected]

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