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The SIEGE® Investment Conference is the oldest investment conference in the Southeast that focuses on video games and related industries. It gives entrepreneurs in these industries an opportunity to pitch their business concepts to potential investors. Because videogames are a mix of creative content and technology, there are many types of businesses that benefit, and/or benefit from,  video game development.  Past presenters have included:

  • Video and tabletop game studios, providers, publishers and facilitators;
  • interactive music producers;
  • esports businesses;
  • livestreaming platforms;
  • social networks;
  • electronic media;
  • search engines developers;
  • middleware developers;
  • interactive products supporting live entertainment;
  • interactive promotional products;
  • including feature films,  books, comic books, eLearning products, virtual reality  arcades and more.

Panelists include VCs, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, digital media experts and more.

Important facts about the 2020 SIEGE® INVESTMENT CONFERENCE  are:

  • The conference runs on Zoom from 8:30 am – noon Friday November 13
  • Zoom attendance will be by invitation only, but the conference will be livestreamed at youtube.com/GeorgiaGameDevs.
  • There will be 10 to 15 on-screen Panelists, consisting primarily of angel investors, VC representatives and industry experts to provide feedback, suggestions and more.
  • There will also be 20 to 30 Judges who will not be viewable onscreen, but will (a) vote on the Overall Winner and the Startup Winner and, after the Presentations, (b) will meet in small groups  in separate Zoom Breakrooms for relaxed feedback sessions with the presenting teams.
  • If none of the Presenting Teams receives a majority of the vote of the judges in any category, the Panelists will decide the Winner for that category.
  • Each startup makes a five-minute presentation, followed by five minutes of Q&A. Judges and panelists can continue to ask questions in chat during the five-minute transition between presenters.
  • Teams wanting to present should submit applications by Nov. 5. Applications can be found HERE. Word version HERE. Earlier applications are more likely to be selected.
  • The opportunity to act as Judges and Panelists are by invitation only. You may apply to be a judge by emailing [email protected]
  • The Best Startup receives $1,000.

To qualify as a Startup the following must apply:

Presenter must not have received investments of more than $15,000 including investments by founders, and their friends and family, and outside investors. Additionally, revenue from the prior calendar year and revenue to the date of submission in the current fiscal year, must not have exceeded $15,000 for each period.

  • There is no charge for being a Presenter, Panelist, Judge or Guest at the Conference. Our sponsors fund the conference.
  • SIEGE® stands for the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo and is produced by the Georgia Game Developers Association (the “GGDA”).

For the fastest responses, please email any questions to all three of these emails:

Rob Hassett [email protected]

Lynn Hassett [email protected]

GGDA [email protected]

Or call Rob Hassett at 678-506-8828

It may not seem that way to the Entrepreneur who struggles making her first few presentations, but those individuals who have the courage to make presentations are very likely to be successful in the long run.

A picture is worth a thousand words except when it’s not.  It all depends on the picture and the words.

SIEGE 2019 Presenters

Shotcall (Overall Winner)
Decentralized eSports social network and marketplace that connects celebrities with their fans through video games and streaming.
Thomas Gentle, CEO
USONIQ (Startup Winner)
Pushing content to smartphones using inaudible sound
A new crowd marketing technology that allows brands to communicate with large consumer audiences, using inaudible signals sent to smartphones without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Jakob Ashtar, CEO,
Andre Cassimere, CMO

Elemensional Rift

Developing video game with definitive and compelling story lines and powerful and compelling characters to establish franchises.
Patrick Durbin
Social, Business and Service Hub for the Gaming Universe.
James Henley
LoopOST, The Hub for Interactive Music
Offering access to video game music such as on demand access to such music.
Michael Brown
ProjectMQ – A New Hope for Indie Games
Search engine for curated independently developed video games.
Marcus Howard, CEO
Vicarious Holdings
Publisher of Video Games.
Michael Brown
N2 Esports
Esports Programs for youth.
Andrew Greenberg, CEO
Pete Sherrard, COO

2018 Winners

Best Overall:

Livesight – Nicholas Middlebrooks and Alex Hornecker

Best Startup:

Intonal – Andrew Beck

Want to Pitch Your Project?

Download and complete the Investment Teaser. Then, submit by email to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]. The sooner you apply, the greater your chances of acceptance.

There is no charge to present, attend or judge. For additional information, feel free to call Rob Hassett at 678-506-8828 or, Lynn Hassett at 404-788-7903 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

2019 Investment Conference Preliminary Schedule

9:00 – 9:30 am | Seating of Advisory Panel Members (assigned) and Mentors and other Judges (not assigned), Setup of First Presenter

9:30 am – 9:40 am | Preliminary Matters Including Sponsor Announcements, Introduction of Advisory Panel Members, and Miscellaneous Announcements

9:40 am–9:55 am        | 1st Presenter

9:55 am–10:00 am      | Set up of 2nd Presenter

10:00 am–10:15 am    | 2nd Presenter

10:15 am–10:20 am    | Set up of 3rd Presenter

10:20 am- 10:35 am    | 3rd Presenter

10:35 am – 10:40 am  │ Set up of 4th Presenter

10:40 am –  10:55 am  │ 4th Presenter

10:55 am- 11:10 am    │1st Break and Set up of 5th Presenter

11:10 am – 11:25 am │ 5th Presenter

11:25 am – 11:30 am  │ Set up of 6th Presenter

11:30 am –  11:45 am  │ 6th Presenter

11:45 am – 11:50 am  │ Set up of 7th Presenter

11:50 am – 12:05 am  │ 7th Presenter

12:05 am – 12:10 am  │ Set up for 8th Presenter

12:10 am – 12:25 am  │ 8th Presenter

12:25 am – 12:40 am  │ Reset room for lunch and breakout sessions

12:40 am – 3:00 a.m.  │ Lunch and breakout sessions; opportunity for all Presenters and Judges to meet.  2:15 PM winners and any awards will be announced. Breakouts will continue for those interested until 3 PM.

Prior-Year Pitches

Burnout Game Ventures: http://www.burnoutgameventures.com/

Cogent Education: http://www.cogenteducation.com/

Crank Media Intelligence: http://www.cranklive.com

Ker-Chunk Games: http://ker-chunk.com/

+Mpact Games: http://www.hanakogame.com/

Rockin’ Finance http://www.rockinfinance.com

Soverance Studios: http://soverance.com/

World’s Fastest Drummer: http:// www.worldsfastestdrummer.com

Puzzles by Joe: http://puzzlesbyjoe.com/