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Building Nation AIs, or ” Bloodthirsty AI and how to wipe out half of the world population in the Iron Age”

AI personas is games go from the smallest creatures to mass consciousness. This panel focuses on building AI personas for strategy games. Goal setting and task selection methods for emergent behavior are two key areas for designing such grand AI. Equally important is optimising them to be both a challenge and fun, and not necessarily ‘good’ at the game. Last but not least, how does a designer do this without making the AI cheat. Oct. 7, 4-5 pm

Tencent, 1UP Fund, and Tripwire Share Funding Options for Developers

Self-publishing has been a great boon to the indie game scene, but it can be a hard way to build a sustainable business. This panel focuses on developers who are ready to move beyond just launching a game or two. Learn how VCs, publishers, and strategic investors can offer to help. Oct. 7, 5-6 pm

10 Security Tips to Protect Your User Data

Learn about the most important security measures to protect user data on the server side (for client-server games). 1. Protect traffic: https (TLS). 2. Firewall. 3. Database: “Encryption at rest”. 4. MFA including 5 NFC. 5. Vault for secrets and keys. 6. SAST software. 7. General maintenance. 8. Cloud hosting tips. 9. Privacy policy. 10. Backups. Oct. 7, 6-6:30 pm

Character Design for Older Adults

Based on a review of existing literature, as well as new research conducted into character design preferences, learn what qualities gamers over the age of 45 are looking for in game avatars. This includes a discussion of pre-designed player characters, as well as player characters that are created through customization. Older adults are a multi-billion-dollar audience for the industry and creating engaging characters is an important way to support this profitable player base.

Character Design Challenge

Attendees will create an original character design based on a prompt and then given an hour to create work – can be in-person or digitally presented – presenters will also be drawing with participants.

Designing for Diversity

Making big global games is hard, especially when you have to wade into world cultures and histories while trying not to offend anyone in the process. Panel on do, don’ts, and common and not-so-common pitfalls.

Class on Classes: Designing Roles in Games

A session about the four omnipresent archetypes in games: Control, DPS, Support, and Tank, and the reason these four roles keep appearing.

Engaging Storytelling in Interactive Narratives

Learn the four pitfalls of story-driven games, based on quantitative and qualitative research to suggest possible solutions to avoid them. This presentation focuses on Game Narrative Design.

Breaking into Art & Animation in Georgia with ASIFA-South

ASIFA, the international animation society, has been helping people create both great art and great lifestyles. Learn about the field of animation for artists and creatives, and how you can be part of the booming industry in Georgia.

Game Dev Tools: Going Open-Source in Production and Education

Get insights into the pros and cons of open-source software in production and education. This talk specifically highlights the presenter’s transition from the use of popular closed-source software and tools in production and education, to fully embracing open-source software such as Blender, Krita, ArmorPaint, and the like. Learn the virtues and pitfalls of open-source software in the production of simulation and games.

So You Want to be an Indie Game Developer

In this interactive Q-and-A-style discussion, ask your burning questions to a real life indie game dev and get the brutal honesty of what it really is like to be indie.

Teamwork in Game Dev: Bringing the Spice

How do you get that 110% out of yourself and teammates while avoiding burnout? We’ve heard of plenty ingredients in the secret sauce of game development, like “Juice” and “Oil”. This talk presents spice, an ethereal substance by which to model your team’s motivation and hype around making games together.

Ready to Self Publish Your Game? Successfully Navigate the Often Confusing Process

This talk provides insights into how to successfully get your games out onto platforms, and maybe even get some support to do so.

Hindsight’s Greatest Hits

A postmortem of all the talks PuzzlesbyJoe has given over the years, with a focus on what advice really holds up after 12+ years as a Solo-Indie-Dev. Intelligent attendees should be able to glean an abundance of wisdom and go out and improve their lives afterwards. This will be a retrospective of all the advice given over the years, and what you can do with it.

So… You Want to Be a Voice Actor!

A fun and educational look into the voice actor’s process for creating character voices for video games & animation! Great for aspiring voice actors and game developers alike! 🙂 The first part of the panel will focus on tips & skills used to create voices & personalities for characters, along with insight into the voice acting profession. The last part of the session will be your chance to shine! We’ll open it up for audience members to come to the mic & voice characters. We will be there to provide feedback & direction, so don’t worry, we’ve got your back! If you’ve ever thought about becoming a voice actor or casting a voice actor, then don’t miss this panel!